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General hints

For several WOE projects there are professionally manufactured unpopulated printed circuit boards available in cooperation with the company LeitOn. These PCBs can be ordered on this special order page for WOE PCBs.

All published information on the WOE homepage concerning schematics and PCBs may only be used for non-commercial private use, but you build them on your own risk. There is no liability of WOE for the correctness and usability of the published schematics and PCBs.

PCBs can only be ordered from the company LeitOn, you have to accept the terms and conditions of LeitOn. Questions concerning ordering and pricing of the PCBs have to be submitted to the company LeitOn, a contact formula is available on the special order page for WOE PCBs.

Available PCBs

The available unpopulated PCBs are listed in the following table with the project name. The PCBs contain solder resist but no component silk.

These PCBs are only available from the company LeitOn on this special order page:
order page for WOE PCBs

Project Project name PCB Dimensions
AT89C2051/ATtiny2313 evaluation board AT89_EXP.BRD single-side 89 x 70 mm
AT89C2051 programmer PRG2051.BRD single-side 100 x 80 mm
AVR JTAG Emu AJEMU.BRD double-side 42,5 x 34 mm
I2C-I/O-Expander I2C_IO.BRD single-side 53 x 63 mm
LCD controller SED1335 SED1335E.BRD double-side 100 x 99 mm
LED moving font controller variant 1 MAT_CON1.BRD single-side 94 x 70 mm
LED moving font controller variant 2 MAT_CON2.BRD single-side 89 x 70 mm
LED module for LED moving font LEDMODUL.BRD single-side 60 x 76 mm
Serially controlled LC-Display SER_LCD.BRD single-side 100 x 66 mm
Serial-I2C-Converter SER_I2C.BRD single-side 74 x 70 mm

order page for WOE PCBs

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