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Electronic components

· Kessler electronic

Cheap ICs.
Online catalog:
Kessler electronic GmbH
Hubertusweg 2
D-58540 Meinerzhagen

· Reichelt Elektronik

Cheap ICs.
Online catalog:
Reichelt Elektronik
Elektronikring 1
D-26452 Sande

· Segor electronics

Online catalog:
Segor electronics
Kaiserin-Augusta-Allee 94
D-10589 Berlin

· Pollin Electronic

Restpostenversand, Nokia TV-Tuner (see Project page)
Online catalog:
Pollin Electronic GmbH
Postfach 28
D-85102 Pförring

· All kinds of ICs

Restpostenhändler, mainly ICs and LC-Displays
All kinds of ICs electronic GmbH
Schillerstr. 21
D-80336 München

· ELV Elektronik

A lot of electronic do-it-yourself kits:
ELV Elektronik
D-26787 Leer

· Conrad Electronic

Online catalog:
Conrad Electronic
Klaus-Conrad-Str. 1
D-92240 Hirschau


· Eagle Freeware version

The freeware version of the electronic CAD software Eagle from CadSoft is restricted to a maximal board size of 100 x 80 mm (two layers) and 1 sheet of circuit diagram. For small projects it is absolut enough. Eagle files constructed with the full version can also be viewed with the freeware version.
Download freeware version Eagle

· Demo software from Keil

At Keil the free Keil Evaluation Tools CD-ROM is available, including trial versions of the Keil C-Compiler as well as datasheets and application notes of diverse microcontrollers.

· CDROM from Hoschar

At Hoschar the free CDROM EDA for Windows is available. It includes numerous trial versions out of the electronic software sector, for example PSpice, OrCAD, Specctra and more.

· CDROMs containing datasheets

Almost every semiconductor manufacturer offers datasheets to his products on CDROM. These CDROMs can often be received for free from the manufacturer. In some cases there are request forms on the manufacturers homepages. You can find more infos on the site Datasheet search.

Circuit diagrams and instruction manuals

· Schaltungsdienst Lange

Schaltungsdienst Lange offers a chargeable service of circuit diagrams, instruction manuals and other documentation.

· ELV Schaltungsservice

At ELV original manufacturers documentation (circuit diagrams and instruction manuals) of electric appliances can be obtained. Inquiries can be done by phone or email, the manufacturer and the type number are necessary.
Phone: +49 491/6008-413

Free newsletter

The free newsletter of World Of Electronics (in German language) can be subscribed to on this site.

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